Discount Sale Lots

A selection of landscaping products on sale with huge discounts, sold in full job lots only. These products are new, but part of a currently discontinued range. Prices excluding delivery.

Lots listed below.

Call for Price

Lot 1: Beige Porcelain, 100x50cm, 10m2. RRP €420, sale price €200
Lot 2: Canyon Ivory Porcelain, 90x60cm, 15m2, RRP €630, sale price €450
Lot 3: Avenue Black Porcelain, 60x60cm, 20m2, RRP €840, sale price €600
Lot 4: Sold
Lot 5: Avenue Black Porcelain, 90x60cm, 30m2, RRP €1260, sale price €900
Lot 6: Sold
Lot 7: Red & Yellow Solid Brick, 320no. RRP €320, sale price €150
Lot 8: Half moon stepping stones RRP €6, sale price €3 each
Lot 9: Sold